Dating a fender champ

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Our amp section contains information about vintage Fender amps from the blackface and silverface era between 19.We consider these amps the most versatile, robust and best sounding Fender amps.We doubt that a Deluxe Reverb would have been powerful enough unless it had 6L6 and a loud speaker.Not even a hot rod version of the Princeton Reverb with all the mods (Deluxe OT, 12″ speaker, Stokes, Paul C, diode rectifier) would have stood up against such a drummer and gotten away in an elegant manner.The Princeton Reverb amp was already set at volume 6 with no more headroom left and could not go further without delivering too much distottion.

You might get told, by the great and the wise, that by modding you don’t understand nor appreciate the intention behind the original amp design.What you need is pure, clean headroom and speaker areal.This is where extension cabinets come in handy offering a better stage monitoring.The poor Princeton Reverb even had an upgrade 10″ speaker but still couldn’t cut through the mix.The whole day after we regretted not bringing a bigger amp, either a Vibrolux or Pro Reverb.

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