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Forced sex, even when it comes from someone your dating or married or seeing, is still is act of aggression and violence used to control you.

Forced sex, not matter who the person is to you, is still rape.

Our Get Help page has many free resources available where you can talked to someone about your relationship or help you leave the relationship. Your abuser may give you apologies and loving gestures when the abuse is not happening and can make it hard to leave.

Often abusers will make you believe that you are the only one that can help them, you’re responsible to help them, that things will change, and that they truly love you.

Go to our page just for friends to how to help someone who is experiencing abuse, How Can I Help?

Recognizing the signs of dating and domestic violence is the first step to breaking the cycle and getting help.

Source: Remember, just because your abuser isn’t hitting you, that’s doesn’t mean you are not being abused.The difference between dating violence and domestic violence is that domestic violence is when couples live together, but the .Dating and domestic violence occurs in all relationships, young and old, married and unmarried, all economic backgrounds, heterosexual and same-sex. Even though violence against women is the most common, men are also abused – especially verbally and emotionally.Emotional abuse uses words and actions to control what you do and don’t do.It eventually comes to the point where your abuser controls almost every part of your life and you require their permission to do anything.

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