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When Carnes started as a nurse in the cath lab at St. Now, all 10 of the cath lab nurses are men, he said.Playing hospital Change is coming more noticeably among doctors.For at least the past decade, the University of Minnesota Medical School has had roughly a 50-50 split between male and female students, said Dr.

"I wanted to make my dad proud."From then on, Drotar said, every year when she wrote in her schoolbook what she wanted to be when she grew up, her choice was always the same: doctor. But the ranks of female physicians grew slowly, and even in Drotar's formative years, medicine was perceived as a "Marcus Welby, M. That perception — doctors are men, nurses are women — lingered."So I'm generationally on the cusp of when more women were entering medicine. Folks a few years older than us will say there were just a couple of us."'That's what little girls did'Dr.Elizabeth Liljeblad also envisioned a medical career when she was growing up, but not as a doctor."From the time I was 2, I wanted to be a nurse," said Liljeblad, 57."But once I got started and started doing clinicals, I realized it was a complete nonissue."It was never an issue for Carnes, he said.He entered the now defunct School of Nursing at Fairview Deaconess Hospital in the Twin Cities in 1982 after previously working in group homes for developmentally disabled adults."I wanted to get into something, at least at that time, where I could still work with a population like that and make a living wage," Carnes said.

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