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Cyric is placed on trial by the other greater gods, and Adon had Kelemvor open his own soul to him, making him see everything as the god of death sees it.

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He is also the head of Castle Trinity, located north of the Edificant Library in the Snowflake Mountains.Initially, Akabar is conducting his affairs as a merchant but he also has training as a mage and inwardly yearns to prove himself as an adventurer. Akabar is a tall man with dusky skin and brown hair.He wears a mustache and a beard cut straight across the bottom.He became tangled in the sinister plans of a number of other Bhaalspawn, as well as of Jon Irenicus, but emerged victorious.Adon first appears in the 1989 novel Shadowdale by Scott Ciencin under the pseudonym of Richard Awlinson.

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