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Prominent among those currently calling for legislative reform -- and going further by making constructive proposals -- are police chiefs and city medical officers, people who know only too well that the existing policies in most countries are ineffective and unworkable.Meanwhile, politicians have largely remained silent, seemingly afraid of offending powerful segments of the electorate or merely of being perceived as weak in the face of rising crime figures.There have been numerous calls over the years for the legalisation, or at least decriminalisation, of soft drugs, among which cannabis remains the most popular with all social groups.In this highly contentious area, the Dutch attitude has been often mentioned as the voice of sanity.Aber auch bei Epileptikern, Spastikern oder Menschen mit Psychosen habe man "durchweg gute Erfahrungen gemacht", sagt Müller- Schwefe.

The shops are not allowed to advertise, or to sell cannabis to individuals aged under 16 years.

Then the Dutch government, which had made an election promise to legalise cannabis, last month issued a discussion paper which mirrored the Amsterdam plan.

If, as expected, the Dutch parliament agrees the latest proposals, half the country's 4000 cannabis-selling coffee shops will close and the amount that can be sold to an individual will be cut to 5 g.

That has to be accompanied by controls on source, distribution, and advertising, much as happens with tobacco. Ein querschnittgelähmter Biochemiker leidet unter auftretenden Spasmen.

A system, in fact, remarkably close to the existing one in Dutch coffee shops. Zur Linderung seiner Beschwerden nimmt er Cannabis und macht positive Erfahrungen. So entsteht die Idee, Dronabinol zu synthetisieren und als Rezeptur auf den Markt zu bringen ist es dann soweit. Unternehmensziel ist die legale Erforschung und Bereitstellung von dringend benötigten Medikamenten aus Cannabis und anderen Rohstoffen für eine Vielzahl von medizinischen Indikationen.

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