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The maritime history is rich, linking many aspects of early Hobart and its whaling industry as it was one of the whaling capitals of the world.

All of the convicts arriving in Tasmania disembarked their ships in the Cove and their first steps on Tasmanian land would have been at Old Wharf, which is what Hunter Street was originally named.

In 1909 she was at Gray Brother’s pier, Adventure Bay and loading timber for Adelaide when an easterly gale sprung up.

Captain Shimmins tried to move her to deeper water but she grounded on the rocks.

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He strives to realise images of speculation and mystery that connect viewers, via their own imaginations, with some ancient, mythic past.Images of his childhood setting and references to it are found throughout his poems.Horace's father was probably a Venutian taken captive by Romans in the Social War, or possibly he was descended from a Sabine captured in the Samnite Wars.Thus Horace claimed to be the free-born son of a prosperous 'coactor'.was explained by scholia as a reference to 'coactor argentareus' i.e.

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