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I'm going to miss it here." Her smile is captivating and it pulls my eyes away from her legs. You'll be too busy studying and partying and living the coed life to miss us. " Katrina asks, leaning forward to listen to my answer.I almost envy you, although I must admit there are aspects of my college days that I wouldn't want to relive." I say laughingly. Her blouse gapes open on one side giving me a clear view of most of her left tit.She's about 5' 8" with long shapely legs usually covered with black nylons.

Whenever she's gone, I surf the web or use my file-sharing program to search for pictures and videos of beautiful black women. I regularly download videos and pictures from the Internet and love reading erotic stories.I am particularly drawn to pictures of black women with their chocolate brown skin, nearly black nipples and velvety pubic hair.I sit across from her and thank her for having lunch with me. I definitely want to capture this girl on film or I should say on memory card. "It's not everyday a girl gets invited to lunch by a handsome executive." "Why Katrina, are you flirting with me? "I photograph models and provide pictures to my clients strictly for their individual use." This is where the "client" becomes the scapegoat for my own desires. My clients provide specific requests including the model's age, appearance and even the exact poses they want."A beautiful girl like you should never have to eat alone." I say, reading the specials on the menu. It's not me it's the client that wants these pictures. I assume they are nudes or semi-nudes." Katrina seems more curious than offended. Sometimes they request video, but usually it's just still photographs.

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