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Attempts to access any page using the original Geo Cities URL now forward to Yahoo! Shortly after the Geo Cities closing announcement, the Internet Archive announced a project to archive Geo Cities pages, stating "Geo Cities has been an important outlet for personal expression on the Web for almost 15 years." Internet Archive made it their task to ensure the thoroughness and completeness of their archive of Geo Cities sites.There was no formal relationship between Geo Cities and, as it was a completely different company.In May 1997, Geo Cities introduced advertisements on its pages.Despite negative reaction from users, Geo Cities continued to grow.By June 1997, Geo Cities was the fifth most popular site on the Web, and by October of that year the company had signed up its millionth Homesteader.In June 1998, in an effort to increase brand awareness, Geo Cities introduced a watermark to user Web pages.By 1999 Geo Cities was the third-most visited Web site on the World Wide Web, behind AOL and Yahoo! In 2001, amidst speculation by analysts that Geo Cities was not yet profitable (it having declared an million loss for the final quarter of 1998), Yahoo!

The problem Geo Cities faced was that it placed a privacy statement on its New Member Application Form and on its Web site promising that it would never give personally identifying information to anyone without the user's permission.Chat, bulletin boards, and other elements of "community" were added soon after, helping foster rapid growth.On July 5, 1995 Geo Cities added additional cities, including "Capitol Hill," "Paris," "Silicon Valley," and "Tokyo." By December 1995, the company, which now had a total of 14 neighborhoods, was signing up thousands of Homesteaders a day and getting over six million monthly page views.For instance, German Web host Jimdo started the "Lifeboat for Geo Cities" service to encourage Geo Cities users to put their Web sites on Jimdo.Many of the pages formerly hosted by Geo Cities remained accessible, but could not be updated, until 2014.

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