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SKYDAS is attracting the youth because it’s done by the youth. I cannot give away an exact number, but our ranks have more than doubled.

It’s only impressive because we’re from a small country where surveillance and especially apathy are surprisingly high.

Some things outweigh others, it’s better to have poor quality visualization than a lousy message.

Visualization should never be looked over even if you have a strong message, this is where SKYDAS shines the brightest.

Pepe was one way of not restricting ourselves and targeting our fellow youth as a youth organization.

As a great man once implied, there must be a variety of ways how you want to get the information across.

What advice would you give to people interested in creating effective propaganda?

Triggering the Jews has become almost a tradition in our marches and we were assured Pepe would catch the attention of Schlomo.

If you are in line with our ideas and you’re from around here then you’re part of the family.Loss of members, less attention, unproductivity, abandonment of original ideals, outdated methods, reaction, marginalization and poor leadership, these are all synonyms in regards to the previous Lithuanian nationalist scene.This inevitably caused the youth to be disappointed with the ideas themselves as it seemed the cause is hopeless because of the current situation.From laptops and hard drives to trousers and university notepads.This was followed by interrogations where the interrogators directly or indirectly were threatening with violence, blackmail, and imprisonment for not wanting to give away information.

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